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You've heard of hot yoga, anti-gravity yoga and even paddleboard yoga, but what about salt mine yoga? At the Salt Mine Arium, you can combine the relaxing power of yoga with the healing power of salt for the ultimate zen experience.

Tucked away in Bellevue, a relaxing sanctuary transports you away from the every day and into a European salt spa. Experience light therapy, music therapy, yoga, energy meditations and breathing workshops while surrounded by the healing power of salt.

Owners Annett and Matthias Reibe took the Salt Mine Arium from an empty space to the illumined retreat, complete with tranquil waterfalls and soothing sunset hues. Imported Pink Himalayan Salt lines the walls and floors of each room and replicates the experience of the naturally occurring Eastern European salt mines. Fine grains of salt waft through the air creating halotherapy, which is a relaxing sensation similar breathing in salty ocean air at the beach.

If you go to the beach you breathe in salty air and feel lucky. This is what we like, the people go in our room and after they come out I see the smile on the face, said Matthias.

According to naturopathic physician Melinda Beck, salt therapy can help with respiratory issues.

It s great for bronchitis, allergies and seasonal allergies. Salt works as like a little scrubber and can break up all that mucus that builds up in our lungs, said Beck.

Beck also echoed salt's calming effects.

If you are in there for the 45 to 60 minutes its very relaxing, it s made to really calm that nervous system, said Beck.

Since the yoga classes employ deep breathing and touching the bricks with your hands and feet, Beck says it benefits both your lungs and your skin.

When you are doing your meditation, your yoga, you are having conscious breathing and the salt works much better if you re breathing it in, said Beck. But also, it s getting on your skin, so it s going to address skin infections, skin rashes and things like that.

Yoga instructor Patty Shelton pointed out that touching the salt during class has the added benefit of helping you absorb trace minerals you might not get from food.

There a whole lot of minerals in the salt well beyond the sodium that you taste. There s magnesium in there, there s lots of chromium in there, there s lots of those little tiny minerals in there that are often hard for us to get, said Shelton.

Though downward dogs and chaturangas, participants can t help but be transfixed by the beauty of the Salt Mine Arium. Something Shelton thinks helps students reach a deeper sense of calm during their yoga practice.

I feel like people have a much easier time accessing their ability to really let go and relax when they are in an environment that promotes it, she said. The sound is perfect, the lighting is perfect, everyone can t stop marveling at the beauty of the walls. It helps them just let go of all the worries and things they might have brought in with them and just be here.

Along with yoga, you can find other classes like energy meditation and breathing workshops. But the Salt Mine Arium is also ideal for simple sitting and relaxing is one of the zero gravity chairs while taking in the beauty of the room and benefits of the salt. All sessions feature natural sounds of the waterfalls along with music therapy designed to soothe the mind and body and promote better sleep.

The Salt Mine Arium also features customized color therapy in each other the two large salt rooms. The walls and floors start off emanating the soft glow of golden candlelight then gradually dim and change to orange, blue, green, white, purple and then back to gold. According to the Reibe's this color therapy can even help people with post-traumatic stress, autism, ADD and ADHD.

Also feel free to bring the entire family as kids can enjoy the light show or play with the toys in the large salt box.

With yoga classes, light therapy and meditation workshops the Salt Mine Arium provides a beautiful backdrop to enjoy the soothing benefits of salt.

As with any new treatment, always check with your doctor first. And for more information visit their Salt Mine Arium website or like them on Facebook.

Salt Mine Arium
1850 130th Ave NE, Suite 4
Bellevue, WA 98005
Phone number: 425-497-9666 Email: info@saltminearium.com

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