They broke the 12th Man s world record. The 12th Man took it back.

The Kansas City Chiefs are congratulating Seattle Seahawks fans for once again claiming the Guinness World Record for the having the loudest crowd at a stadium.

Congratulations on the new record @Seahawks. It's fans like ours that make the game worth playing. #LoudAndProud, the Chiefs tweeted Tuesday.

Photos:Seahawks vs. Saints

The Seahawks initially set the record in Week 2 against the San Francisco 49ers at 136.6 decibels.

Fans at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City topped that in Week 6 against the Oakland Raiders at 137.5 decibels.

The 12th Man reclaimed it Monday at 137.6 decibels as the Seahawks cruised past the New Orleans Saints.

To put that in perspective, a jet engine at 100 feet is about 140 decibels.

Your move, K.C.

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