KENMORE, Wash. -- The desperate 911 call from a young woman saying she had just found a body in Kenmore sounded very convincing, but prosecutors say Sydney Jones didn't tell the whole truth, that she was responsible for the hit-and-run.

Jones, 24, who was charged with felony hit and run, made a tearful 911 call from the scene of the collision October 21 around 1:30 a.m. - except came an hour and 25 minutes after the collision and she didn't tell police she was the hit-and-run driver behind the wheel.

From the 911 tape:

Caller: Hi, um. I just found a body on the side of the road near my neighbor's house.

Operator: Can you tell if he's breathing?

Caller: No, he's not breathing.

Jones told police she was walking her dog and came upon the body. Lying in the road was 31-year-old J.D. Humphreys, who had been walking along the edge of 62nd Avenue NE in Kenmore.

Jones later changed her story and told police while driving she lit a cigarette, she felt a bump in the road, but continued on to a store. At the store, she accidentally hit a light pole and saw a lot of damage on her car.

She went home decided to go for a walk and that's when she made the 911 call.

Operator: Does he look like he got hit by a car?

Caller: Yes. There's debris. It looks like he got hit by a car.

Police say the debris was actually from Jones' Ford pickup.

In the 911 tape, the dispatcher asked Jones to administer CPR, but Jones said she was not able to do it.

She later turned herself in. Jones is now out on $25,000 bail.

KING5's Linda Brill contributed to this report.

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