Carpool requirements for the future Interstate 405 express toll lanes may mean three-person carpools, not two-person carpools, ride for free.

An advisory group for the I-405 and State Route 167 corridor will discuss their recommendations for the express toll lanes at their final meeting Thursday night in Renton.

Previous analysis showed that allowing two-person carpools to use the express toll lanes for free would not meet the traffic performance requirements set by the state legislature.

Three options for the express toll lanes are still being considered:
- Three-person carpools ride for free
- Three-person carpools ride free during peak times, two-person carpools ride free at off-peak times
- All carpools receive a discount

Recommendations from the advisory group will help inform the plan and funding for the future 40-mile express lane toll system, including I-405 and SR 167.

The group will meet at 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Thursday at the Renton Community Center. The public is welcome to attend and comment.

The advisory group will present their recommendations to the Washington State Transportation Commission in Kirkland November 20. Through a public process scheduled to continue until next spring, the Commission will ultimately set toll exemptions and rates.

The Washington State Department of Transportation will deliver the final plan to Governor Inslee and State Legislature in early 2014.

According to WSDOT, the express toll lanes will help reduce congestion by allowing the corridor to operate more efficiently. The first phase of the express toll lanes is under construction and is scheduled to open to traffic in 2015.

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