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What do foxes, Captain America and a family of duck hunters have in common? They are set to become some of the most popular Halloween costumes of 2013. And Halloween costumes are big business, with the National Retail Federation expecting Americans to spend about $2 billion on their spooky and cooky looks.

Champion Party Supply, a Seattle institution since 1936, houses hundreds of costumes, wigs, makeup and accessories ideal for transforming into everything from zombies to peacocks to princesses.

Champion s General Manager Victoria Champion is an expert on the Northwest s most popular costumes each year. So what s hot this year? According to Champion, the store ran out of fox costumes well before Halloween.

What s the big deal with foxes, you ask.

While some like scary costumes, each year pop culture also influences what people will be wearing for Halloween. Last year was all about political nods with Obama and Romney masks, and caped crusaders from hit movies like Batman.

This year, though, it s all about the fox. The viral YouTube music video sensation What does the fox say? has over 170 million views and is inspiring pop culture costumes all over Seattle this year. Consider it to be 2013 s Gangam Style, and get ready to see a skulk of foxes at your neighborhood party.

Hit television shows like Breaking Bad and Duck Dynasty are also influencing costume choices this year. Champion said plenty of people are on the lookout for zombies is references to shows like The Walking Dead as well. On the other end of the spectrum, the glitter and glam of The Great Gatsby is garnering flappers plenty of favor.

Costumes from Thor, Iron Man and Captain America are hits for both kids and adults. And the yellow minions from the summer blockbuster Despicable Me 2, are also trendy for any age. Champion says kids are loving ninjas right now as well, while characters from Harry Potter, animals and princesses costumes remain classic choices.

So what does it take to create the perfect Halloween costume?

According to many of the Seattleite s perusing the isles of Champion s, it s all about accessories. It s not enough to just have the costume; you also need the makeup, hair and other accoutrements to score the right look.

But if you want to ensure you win the prize for best costume, each person we spoke to said the same thing you need to be creative. Extra points go to those that think outside the box with Seattleites giving high makes to anyone who makes their own costume.

So whether they choose the classic route, something to scare your neighbors or a look with plenty of pop culture influence, Seattleites are set to have a festive and happy Halloween.

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