SEATTLE -- Seven people were rushed to the hospital Wednesday for possible carbon monoxide exposure at an apartment complex in the Lake City neighborhood.

The incident happened around 5:30 p.m. at a six-unit apartment building at 13749 35th Avenue NE.

Two members of one of the families living in the apartment complex came home and smelled what they described as car exhaust. They investigated the smell and went to a neighbor's apartment, but got no response from the tenants. So they called 911.

A Seattle police officer was the first to arrive at the scene. With the help of the two people who called 911, he was able to get inside the apartment unit. They found the two residents of the unit unresponsive on the floor, believed due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

The two unresponsive people were transported to Virginia Mason Medical Center's hyperbaric chamber in critical condition.

As a precaution, the Seattle police officer and the two residents who called 911 were also being evaluated at Virginia Mason for carbon monoxide exposure. Medics later transported an elderly couple from the building to Virginia Mason for possible carbon monoxide exposure.

Meanwhile, the apartment complex has been completely evacuated. While the Seattle Fire Department tweeted that the source appeared to be a car left on inside the garage, the exact source of the carbon monoxide was still being investigated.

Firefighters turned the scene over to Seattle police for further investigation.

For carbon monoxide safety tips, follow the link here.

KING5's Heather Graf and Liza Javier contributed to this report.

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