Tuesday, October 29 is National Cat Day. To celebrate on-demand car service Uber has teamed up with I Can Has Cheezburger and the Seattle Humane Society to offer kitten visits between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Place an order in their app and Uber will stop by your work for a few snuggles and some playtime with kittens available for adoption. The delivery costs $20 and the kittens will be accompanied by shelter representatives.

In recognition of National Cat Day, Seattle Humane Society will offer discounts on adoptions of any feline. Cats one year or older are free. Kittens can be adopted for $50 (or two for $90).

Adoptions include 30 days of prepaid health insurance, a collar and identification tag, and a certificate for an examination from a King County vet.

Uber Seattle said all the money from the UberKITTENS campaign will be donated to Seattle Humane Society.

Uber is also offering the service in New York and San Francisco Tuesday.

For more information on UberKITTENS, read the blog post.

Visit Seattle Humane Society for more on pet adoptions.

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