Police in Canada say a violent offender with a history of forcibly confining people and sexual offenses managed to cut off his GPS monitor bracelet and entered the United States at the Blaine border crossing Monday.

Edmonton, Alberta, police said Michael Sean Stanley, 48, is wanted in Canada after breaching his recognizance order and leaving Edmonton on Oct. 1. Stanley was being monitored as part of his court release conditions for previous violent and sexual offenses.

Detectives confirmed with U.S. Customs and Border Protection that Stanley entered the country at the Blaine border crossing Monday night. Edmonton Police say they are investigating how Stanley was able to enter the U.S.

Stanley was required to wear a GPS electronic monitoring bracelet. Police said they went after him after the monitor showed he had left Edmonton. By the time they tracked it down to a city on the Alberta-Saskatchewan border, the bracelet had been removed and left behind.

The Whatcom County Sheriff's Office said there was a lot of activity around the Blaine crossing Monday night, including a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter that was called in to help Canadian authorities, CBC News reported.

An Edmonton police detective reportedly said there are no arrest warrants for Stanley in the U.S. CBC reports that Stanley does have a criminal record in the U.S., although the report did not elaborate.

Stanley reportedly has a history of sexual offenses in Canada dating back to 1987 as well as a history of taking children from playgrounds. CBC reports Stanley spent nine years in prison for aggravated assault of an 82-year-old woman in a wheelchair. He was also sentenced in 2006 for assault and unlawful confinement after luring two mentally impaired boys to an apartment.

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