How far would you go to help your favorite team win?

Seahawks fans are some of the most dedicated in football, and are showing it with some of their superstitions that they hope will guide the Hawks to the Super Bowl.

You got the rituals at home, you got the rituals on the road, you gotta be there for the team, said Alex Hur, who watched Sunday s game at The Hawk s Next. You gotta have superstition a little bit.

Hur must wear a home or away jersey corresponding with the team, and won t wash either during a win streak. He also must eat certain cupcakes before each game.

I knew what I was in for when I went with him to get his 12th man tattoo, said his girlfriend Samantha Kersul, whose own superstition is giving an Alex a kiss after each touchdown.

He doesn t know that s why she kisses him.

But perhaps the strangest superstition at the bar came from Dan Partlow, who applies his deodorant in 12 strokes on game days, to show his support for the 12th Man.

On the off chance that we lose, I always blame myself for something I did, said Partlow. Like, I didn t follow the routine, I messed up somewhere along the way.

Maybe he only put on 11 strokes of deodorant today, as the Seahawks lost to the Colts 34-28.

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