SEATTLE -- Reunited and it feels so good! That's the tune Seattle police are singing about a new program. The department recently launched a Twitter account called Get Your Bike Back to reunite owners with their stolen wheels.

Think of the Twitter account as an Amber Alert for bikes. Once SDP recovers a missing or stolen bicycles, they'll tweet a description.

SPD had it s first success story on September 12; a woman saw a description of her stolen bike on the feed and emailed police.

Last year unfortunately we got about 700 bicycles that we have to try to unite the owner with the bicycle and it's a bit challenging, said Sgt. Cindy Granard, SPD evidence manager.

For years, hundreds of bicycles have gone unclaimed and sat in the department's evidence locker. Often times, owners don't have the serial number.

We always want people to record serial number, maybe take a picture of the back, if you just purchase the bike, hang onto the receipt have some sort of supporting document, said Detective Mark Jamieson with SPD.

Don't have your serial number? Officers ask people to provide a vivid description of the bike, including details about special toe clips, stickers, scratches, dents or any other unique traits your bike might have.

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