It's a scene that witnesses and first responders say they won't ever forget: a fiery crash on I-405 that send one man to jail, and ended the life of another. Now, we're getting a new perspective of the rescue efforts made on that highway.

Washington State Patrol says 22-year-old Ian Riley Beckford died when a car driven by 27-year-old Samuel Sampson slammed into his BMW.

Troopers say Sampson was high on methamphetamines and heroin, and was going more than a hundred miles an hour, causing Beckford's car to roll and burst into flames. He did not survive the crash.

911 tapes released on Wednesday provide some perspective of the panic drivers and witnesses were feeling in the moments that followed the accident.

Is there anyone in there? One caller can be heard asking another witness on the scene, who says yes.

Is he seatbelted in? What's going on? The call continues. Get him out!

Dispatchers in Bellevue tried to keep the callers calm as they described mangled mess of vehicles.

It's like 20 vehicles or something, it is a big thing, said another caller.

A state trooper also calls 911 on his way to the crash. While he is much more calm than the other callers, it's clear he knows the scene could be gory.

It's on the lefthand side of the roadway, southbound lanes, he tells dispatchers. And the vehicle was reported at an extreme high rate prior to crashing.

One caller tells dispatchers that people on the scene were trying to get Beckford out of his car, but couldn't get the flames under control.

We've got people with fire extinguishers going to town, he says. People have fire extinguishers, but it's not stopping the car - the car is actually in half, it completely ripped the car in half.

They did everything they could, but were unable to save Beckford.

Friends have told KING5 the young man had spent the day on Lake Sammamish and was heading home to his family in Federal Way.

His funeral is set for Friday, September 27th at 7 p.m.

Samuel Sampson remains behind bars. He is now charged with vehicular homicide.

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