RENTON, Wash. South King County leaders are launching a far-reaching health campaign called Thursday to fight obesity. The county is urging businesses, schools, cities and faith-based organizations to pledge to promote a healthier lifestyle, physical activity and nutrition.

The I CANN campaign stands for Community Activity Nutrition Network. The goal is to get decision makers to make changes like offering healthier snacks in vending machines or providing a water station for free tap water or fruits in the workplace. Another strategy is incorporating exercise or providing a gym or workout equipment.

There's a big concern with the obesity rate and problem especially in South King County where 55 percent of adults are overweight and 27 percent of children are obese.

While statistics in other parts of the state seem to be improving a little bit the statistics in South King County aren t. It s really important that we come together and collaborate in order to make an impact, said Liz Nolan with the I CANN campaign.

Nolan points to the success of Renton resident Shannon Pasillas who lost 100 pounds after joining Weight Watchers and working out at Renton Community Center.

It makes me sad I spent so much of my life not doing anything cause I didn't believe I could. I always wonder what I could've done when I was younger if I hadn t let weight be my issue, said Pasillas.

The I CANN Forum is Thursday at Renton Community Center on 1715 SE Maple Valley Highway, 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

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