A Seattle woman left for the Middle East Wednesday, carrying supplies to help the millions of refugees fleeing Syria.

Rita Zawaideh works as a tour group leader for tourists heading to the region. But this time she is carrying medicine and supplies. She heads to Amman, Jordan, to meet with a group of 39 doctors who are part of Salaam Cultural Museum's medical mission to deliver aid to those who are injured and homeless.

Zawaideh and her group will travel with 1,500 pounds of donated medicine.

It's only a drop in the bucket of all that's needed, she said.

Zawaideh said she's prepared to go into Syria if needed.

In that part of the world, we know that there is violence, she said. So we're more aware of it, more attune to what can happen. So no, I'm not afraid.

This is Zawaideh's 7th trip this year to the area. She plans another trip in November.

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