EVERETT, Wash. - Eleven-year-old Ashley Barquest has been on a mission to rebuild a playground arsonists destroyed at Garfield Park in May.

Why would they waste their time doing that, asked Barquest.

She was sad to see the park she loved in such bad shape. The fifth-grader decided to raise money to replace the damaged equipment.

It was just kind of an injustice Ashley felt, said her aunt Crista Barquest. She's like, 'oh no, my cousins will not be able to come to the park and play.'

In three months, the Everett girl raised $3,200 by placing donation jars in schools and local businesses.

On Wednesday night, she received applause as she presented the money to the city at the Everett City Council meeting.

After the fire, the city made $55,000 worth of repairs to the park. The money Barquest raised will go toward additional improvements on the Garfield playground.

Arson detectives are still investigating the suspicous fire that happened on May 19th.

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