Beauty expert and butter LONDON's Global Color Ambassador KatieJane Hughes joined Margaret to introduce butter LONDON's new cosmetics line and share her must-have products for every makeup bag. She also overhauled a New Day producer's makeup bag.

Katie Jane Hughes will be at ULTA beauty store in Redmond (17170 Redmond Way, 98052, 425.497.9117) until 4:00pm today (Wednesday, August 7) to offer one-on-one consultations and doing rockovers using cosmetics from butter LONDON's new line.

butter LONDON, which began in Seattle as a company offering a diverse array of chemical-free nail lacquers and speedy manicures at Sea-Tac International Airport and other locations. It has blossomed into a global brand and fans are excited the company is branching out into cosmetics. For more information about butter LONDON, visit their website by clicking here.

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Here's the list of Katie's Top 10 must have products for every makeup bag:

1.Black Eyeliner: everyone should have a black liner in their bag it s a great way to enhance your look in an instant. I like to line the water line and blink, then simply smudge the lash line with your ring finger. Alternately you can choose a colored liner (I love blue, purple, pink and green) to make your eye really pop. (butter LONDON Wink Eye Pencil in Union Jack Black, $18)

2.Eyelash Curler: many women have naturally straight lashes, but it s really nice to lift the lashes to open up your eyes. This is by far the best lash curler I ve found as it is wider and not too curved, which means it won t pinch your skin. It comes with a replacement pad, too, so it ll last you up to a year. Give one squeeze at the root and one at the middle so you get a graduated curl. (Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler, $21)

3.Eyebrow Pencil: if you re going to fill in your brows (which everyone should, to some degree!) this is the one I use on just about everyone regardless of skin tone. When buying a brow pencil it s better to buy one that falls in the middle ground between warm and ashy as it s a safe bet shade. If you're blonde just apply a touch lighter, and apply with a heavier hand for brunettes. A brow pencil is good for sparseness and filling in gaps, while a brow powder or gel is better for pale, thin brows. My biggest brow rule is to make sure your brows look like sisters not twins they should complement each other but not look identical. (MAC Eye Brow in Stud, $16)
4.Blue Mascara: this is an easy way to introduce a pop of colour into your beauty routine which is huge right now. I love to apply the colour on the bottom lashes to offset the lashes on top (which would be in your traditional shade of black or brown) to liven up your look. (butter LONDON Wink Mascara in Inky Six, $18)

5.Concealer: hands down, my favorite concealer on the market. I love this because it s kind of flat, not a lot of shine and you don t need to set with a powder. Everyone uses this backstage, it s so great for covering pimples or dark circles just a great, cult product. (Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, $32)

6.Cream Blush: I am all about cream blush because it is so much more youthful than a powder blush and keeps the skin looking dewy, fresh and light. What I love about this peachy shade is that it also is great for a pop of colour on your lips it isn t drying at all. Multi-functional products are the best as you get more bang for your buck. (butter LONDON Cheeky Cream Blush in Honey Pie, $20)

7.Lip Balm: I am obsessed with lip balm because you get the best of both worlds nourishing chap stick like formula with the pigment of a lipstick. You can wear them full pigment by applying two coats or you can matte the colour out by dabbing it with a Kleenex. These are so great for a night out as you can easily take your lip from day to night! (butter LONDON Lippy Tinted Balm in Strawberry Field, $20)

8.Bronzer: Nars has the best bronzer because they offer several different shades which means there s something for everyone. The cool and warm are the most universal Laguna is ideal for paler skintones, and Casino for warmer skintones. I love Casino as it adds warmth and radiance needed for olive skin, whereas cooler/paler skintones don t need that and warmth can really overdo it so Laguna is perfect for getting colour without redness which can make you look tango-ey. (Nars Bronzing Powder, $36)

9.Tapered Brush: I love this brush because it s tapered which gives it this awesome sculpting effect. Because of the shape you can go around the hairline, down cheekbones the pointed tip enables you to contour. Use for blush, bronzer, powder it works with everything. (Bobbi Brown Powder Brush, $60)

10.Cuticle Oil: most women reach for lotion when they ve got dry skin or cuticles, but this oil is great little pick me up product for dry cuticles, hands, legs (for a nice sheen), elbows, heels. Really good multi-purpose product and it smells good, too! It will make you feel like you re on holiday. (butter LONDON Cuticle Oil, $19)

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