Does working out for 11 hours sound like fun to you? It does for Ultraman competitor Beth Brewster.

Brewster, of Kingston, Wash., is the Northwest's first -- and only -- Ultrawoman, who makes completing an Ironman long-distance triathlon look like a walk in the park.

WhenI first heard about the race, I was going to crew for a friend of mine and I thought he was nuts,' Brewster said.

The Ultraman competition is an extreme swim, bike and run that takes more than 30 hours to complete. It's a 6.2-mile swim, a 261.4-mile bike and 52.4-mile run (a double marathon).

In order to finish, you really reach inside yourself for this place that you would never get to if you weren't pushed that far, and you get addicted to that, Brewster said.

She will be the first Northwest woman ever to compete in the world championships in Hawaii.

She's preparing for the race by training at the naval base. She also runs in a sauna to get used to Hawaii's humid heat. One of her running techniques is to smile.

Your body will follow what your mind is thinking. If you think happy thoughts your body will feel better, Brewster said.

This will be Brewster's second Ultraman. Her first was in Canada.

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