SEATTLE - Hundreds of Boeing Machinists Union members are now eligible for extended unemployment, as well as job search and moving assistance from the federal government.

Boeing engineers who have been laid off could also end up benefiting if the U.S. Department of Labor determines that their job is adversely affected by foreign trade.

But the Washington State Labor Council, which helps prepare applications for both union and non-union workers under Federal Trade Adjustment Assistance, says scores of workers from other companies and industries are also benefiting. Those industries include timber and lumber, food, and financial services such as banking and insurance.

Workers can receive up to two and a half years of unemployment benefits, up to $1,250 in job search assistance including travel to job interviews, and 90 percent of moving expenses for household goods weighing less than 18,000 pounds. All payments must be approved in writing before any money is issued.

Connie Kelliher with Machinists District 751 said 664 members have been laid off since Boeing began stabilizing the 787 program and trimming production of 747-8 jumbo jets. The benefits would cover those laid off between April 26, 2012 and June 12, 2015.

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