Cy Sun's term as mayor of Pacific ended Tuesday morning after King County Elections certified last month s recall vote.

Nearly two-thirds of people who took part in the June 25 election voted to recall Sun. Total voter turnout was 49 percent.

The Mayor Pro Tem James McMahan said he believed Sun cleared out last week. The mayor s office was empty Tuesday morning.

McMahan said he has respect for Sun, despite the former mayor's mistakes.

He was a private citizen who found something he didnt' like in city government and he stepped forward and put himself on the line, and not a whole lot of people do that, said McMahan.

Sun ran on an anti-corruption campaign in 2011 and won as a write-in candidate. He has fired police chiefs and other city employees, prompting lawsuits against the town.

The recall accused him of jeopardizing the town's insurance by leaving some jobs vacant.

The Pacific City Council is expected to accept nominations for Sun s replacement Tuesday night and then hold a town hall meeting Wednesday in which citizens can ask the nominees questions. The council is expected to choose an interim mayor Thursday.

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