LAKEWOOD, Wash. -- Cheryl Boullester is thankful her fiance was not shot and killed by police, even if that's what he had planned.

He wanted to die, said Boullester.

Lakewood police said Boullester's 28-year-old fiance fired several rounds at officers after they came to the couple's mobile home to break up a fight.

Officers reported shots whizzing past their heads as they were trying to talk the man out of the home.

Following a standoff, the man came out holding a handgun, but he dropped it before police arrested him.

He needs help, he needs to be helped, said Boullester who blames her fiance's depression on a traumatic brain injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

She said her 28-year-old fiance served four tours overseas while he was in the Army.

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