More pets go missing on the 4th of July than any other day of the year.

When pets get frightened, they bolt and most times won't even listen to their name or their owner said Jim Branson, pet detective with Missing Pet Partnership and Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue.

Branson says prevention is the key to keeping pets safe. During the evening fireworks, keep your pet indoors in a locked room, such as a basement or laundry room, with the windows closed and a radio or TV on for white noise. Owners might think that dogs are safe in the backyard, but many can jump the fence when scared, dig underneath it or break out fence boards to escape.

If a pet does end up on the run, getting the word out quickly increases the odds of finding them. Instead of posting signs on white computer paper, Branson says it is better to make huge posters on neon paper with big font, few words, a phone number and a color picture of your pet. This allows motorists to read it as they drive by.

Branson also encourages pet parents to keep a gauze pad with your dog's scent in the freezer so that you can give it to a detection dog in the event your pet goes missing.

Take a gauze pad that you would cover a wound with, rub it all over your dog and put it in a ziploc bag with your dog's name and the date on it. It will last for three years said Branson.

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