Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn found himself under fire while testifying against proposed coal export terminals before a Congressional committee on Tuesday.

U.S. Rep. David McKinley (R-West Virginia) said it sent a shiver up [his] spine when he read McGinn's claim that we should keep coal in the ground where it belongs.

After McGinn responded by explaining his concerns about climate change, McKinley interrupted.

The question I'm still trying to determine as an engineer -- I'm one of two engineers in Congress -- is whether or not the climate change is caused by man, or is it natural and cyclical?

He then suddenly switched topics.

With all due respect, you coming here and trying to lecture us about climate change, Mayor, I would strongly suggest that you take a look at the crime rate in Seattle, he said, adding that 94 percent of the cities across the country have a lower crime rate than Seattle.

McGinn said that McKinley's statistics about crime were incorrect, but McKinley did not allow him to fully respond. The conversation moved on from coal after that.

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