CAMP MURRAY, Wash. - The Army trains soldiers how to follow orders, fight and survive in war. But marketing yourself as a prospective employee is not something soldiers learn in basic training.

We don t frequently toot our own horns very well, said National Guard Sgt. Brian Nelson, Our bosses do that for us in promotions or awards.

Nelson said employers should seek outveterans, You hire us because you want to win.

But Nelson knows the statistics.

Veterans between the ages of 18 and 24 have the highest unemployment rate in the nation, according to the Washington Military Department.

At Camp Murray current and past members of the military are learning how to write resumes, look for work on-line and what to say in job interviews.

More than 50 employers will be interviewing hopefuls this week.

Sgt. Brandon Pruett is looking for a job when he retires from the Army later this year. He hopes serving in Afghanistan will help his chances.

It puts you in a situation where you honestly don t have an option to fail, said Pruett.

He wants to learn how to translate his military experience to a civilian who might hire him.

You need a good employee who has good people skills, who can lead other employees, said Pruett, Who, regardless of the situation, is not going to be stopped by anything.

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