If you re looking for a new way to showcase your love for Seattle professional sports teams, then you re in luck.

Specialty license plates featuring Seattle Seakhawks and Sounders FC logos will go on sale in January, thanks to a bill signed into law today by Gov. Jay Inslee.

Senate Bill 5152 allows the Department of Licensing to issue special plates featuring the logos of these two local pro sports franchises.

The plates will be issued for $40 each, and a $30 fee will be charged upon renewal, in addition to traditional fees and taxes paid for vehicle registration.

Proceeds from the Seahawks plates will go to


, which helps students from low-income families pay for clothes, shoes, school activity cards, testing fees and other student needs.

The bulk of the proceeds from the Sounders FC plates will be given to

Washington State Mentors

, which provides grants and assistance to youth organizations across the state. A small portion of the Sounder plate proceeds will benefit the

Association of Washington Generals

, which recognizes outstanding individuals and promotes a variety of civic and veterans causes.

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