EVERETT, WASH - Near position zero in the back of Boeing's gigantic Everett factory, the first tail pieces for the newer, longer 787 are starting to appear.

There's a new horizontal stabilizer built at Boeing's plant in Salt Lake City, alongside one for a 787-8, built in Italy. Nearby, workers go over a new vertical stabilizer built for the longer version of the 787, also known as Dash-9, from Boeing's Pierce County Frederickson fabrication facility.

Boeing V.P. for final assembly Jeffrey Klemann says he expects the Dash-9 assembly to flow easily into production in Everett. As of Monday night, the first 787-8 at the newer higher production rate of seven airplanes a month rolled off the assembly line.

Boeing won't break down how many planes are coming off this line, but that seven a month figure includes planes coming from North Charleston, South Carolina, and a temporary surge line also in Everett designed to help boost 787 production until Charleston is ready to reach three a month on its own.

The company expects to reach the long stated goal of ten airplanes a month by the end of the year.

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