SEATTLE - Small businesses caught in the chaos of May Day are receiving some support from people involved in the protests.

Bill's Off Broadway had a window broken when the march escalated into violence and vandalism on Capitol Hill. A nearby bar and a Walgreens also had windows smashed.

Protestor Elaine Simons said she was shocked to see the damage.

It hit us to the core, said Simons. We were really upset to see a little business got hit when our message was really against banks and corportation, about unemployment and no health care.

Simons said a group will gather at Bill's Off Broadway on Wednesday to buy food and leave a good tip. She wants to show support for the workers caught in the middle on May Day.

A separate online campaign has been launched to help the businesses pay for damages. On the website, a letter said to be from Some Anarchists to the small businesses reads:

We regret that Bill's Off Broadway and Sun Liquors, both small, local establishments were caught in the chaotic crossfire instead of NikeTown or another Walgreen's-esque giant.

Nathan Lessard is a bartender at Bill's Off Broadway who had to deal with the broken window on May Day.

I think it is lame that you have to break stuff to prove your point, even if it is Walgreens, even if it is corporate, said Lessard.
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