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The Oregon weiner dog who dropped 40 pounds in eight months had surgery on Tuesday to remove excess skin.

Veterinarians at Oregon Expert Vets did the operation on Obie.

Obie s mom, Nora, said before surgery the daschund weighed in at 37 pounds, four ounces. The extra skin was estimated to weigh a few pounds and his ideal weight is probably around 28 to 30 pounds.

It s not known if this type of surgery has ever been performed on a dog after a significant weight loss but it was said to be similar to doing a mass removal procedure.

The story of Obie received national attention in August when the dog s elderly owners in Puyallup relinquished him. At that time he weighed a whopping 77 pounds and could barely get around.

According to the Biggest Loser, Doxie Edition Facebook page Obie was in recovery Tuesday evening and in the care of the vets and techs of Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Tualatin.

He is a little whiny but doing well. Getting ready to offer him some dinner.

On Wednesda morning, Obie was up and wagging.

He ate breakfast and went outside to potty. Now home and resting, Nora said.

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