PORTLAND Someone stole Hornswaggle the tortoise from the front yard of a North Portland home and her owner is desperate to get her back.

On Thursday afternoon, Hornswaggle was outside in her pen enjoying the nice weather. But when her owner, 28-year-old Tierney Campbell, got home from work, the tortoise was gone.

I have not even the faintest idea why someone would have the motivation to do something like that, Campbell said.

When Hornswaggle is not outside, she generally gets free reign the home where Campbell lives with her boyfriend near North Rosa Parks Way and North Interstate Avenue. On nice days Hornswaggle s goes outside to a sturdy pen in the front yard.

She was real happy out there, Campbell said. She really loves to sunbathe.

The open-topped pen lets any passer-by look in and see the curious creature. Unfortunately, someone decided to do more than just look, and snatched Hornswaggle up.

I m devastated. I ve had her for six years. She s been with me in four houses, and two relationships, Campbell said. She s been the source of continuity in the tumultuous years of my life.

While many might not think a tortoise is an exciting pet with a lot of personality, Campbell formed a special bond with Hornswaggle.

I just really want her back. I really miss her. She s pretty close to my heart, she said.

Campbell made a flier to try to get her tortoise back. She s even offering a $50 reward no-questions-asked. She said Hornswaggle loves kale and dandelions and loves to be scratched under her chin.

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