OLYMPIA, Wash. - May Day is less than a week away and all eyes are on Olympia. An anarchist group is advertising several events in our state's capitol.

One is dubbed a Festival of Resistance, and another as an Anti-Capitalist, Anti-State Rally and March.

We've seen a lot of chatter on the internet about activity here in Olympia, said Laura Wohl, Olympia Police Department. It does seem to be more focused on Olympia this year than it has been in the past.

The city has seen its share of May Day demonstrations. A group of anarchists vandalized the state Capitol and broke the windows of several banks in the downtown area in 2008.

After seeing what happened in Seattle last year, Olympia Police want to make sure they're ready.

We'll make sure we are fully staffed that day and we are working in cooperation with all the surrounding law enforcement agencies to make sure we'll have adequate coverage if we need to respond immediately to some event, said Wohl.

They're also working closely with the Olympia Downtown Association to make sure local businesses are aware of any possible threats.

We're simply letting them know that there may be demonstrations or people in the streets or on sidewalks and to be aware of that, and let us know if they run into any difficulties, said Wohl.

Jeffrey Trinin with the Olympia Downtown Association said he hasn't yet heard of any merchants who are planning to close their doors on May Day.

Most business owners said they hear May Day rumors almost every year.

I just don't see it happening here like it happened in Seattle, said business owner Ray Figueroa.

If it does, he said he's not worried about locally owned small businesses being targeted.

It's your bigger corporations, your banks, furniture shops, high-end jewelery shops, he said. We're not targeted as that political scapegoat.

So far, Wohl says neither Olympia Police or State Patrol have received any requests for May Day event permits.

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