The NBA says it has no update on the process surrounding the future of the Sacramento Kings. But apparently, Seattle continues to move forward.

Bryan Stevens, spokesperson for the city s Department of Planning and Development said Wednesday that a Master Use Permit for the Seattle Arena project will be filed next week, on April 30. Investor Chris Hansen originally told NBA Owners earlier this month that the MUP would be filed by Mid-April. Stevens acknowledges it is a significant step in the process, calling it a major milestone in the process. He says the DPD expects the draft environmental impact statement to be available to the public for review and comment in June.

Hansen is trying to convince NBA Owners to approve his purchase of the Kings franchise, and relocation of that team to Seattle.

Stevens also acknowledged the Seattle Department of Transportation has also filed a formal request for a street vacation at the proposed SoDo site. Public meetings will be scheduled before a recommendation is sent to the Seattle City Council.

Also on Wednesday, the City of Seattle sent out a Request for Qualifications on the project, or RFQ for short.

The notice says The City of Seattle and King County are seeking requests for qualifications for a consultant or team of consultants to assist the City and County in reviewing the design and construction of a proposed Seattle Sports and Entertainment Facility (the Arena ) for NBA and NHL games. The consultant(s) will play this role both before and during construction of the Arena.

The notice goes on to say This project will have two distinct phases. Phase I of the project will focus on the Arena design and Phase II will focus on the construction of the Arena.Respondents may submit for just the design or just the construction portions of the contract, or one team covering both, but construction only proposals must include a consultant who has a successful track record of collaborating with design consultants. The City and County reserve the right to have one or separate contracts for the design and construction consultant.

A contractor is not expected to be picked until June of 2013.

The City of Sacramento was scheduled to hold a public meeting tonight to review their proposed Arena project, seen as a key chip in convincing the NBA to reject Hansen s deal. A group says they ve made a back-up bid to try and keep the team in Sacramento

NBA Commissioner David Stern said last week he hoped to convene a meeting of the league s relocation and finance committee this week, and that they would make a recommendation shortly after that. A vote of the league s owners would not take place until at least seven business days following the recommendation.

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