For Drew Neisinger, his home is his castle. He just didn t think it would come with a moat.

It's been a headache, a nightmare, he said.

Drew and his family are living in the middle of a muddy mess -- a construction site for about 50 new homes. The home Neisinger has rented from the developer for the past four years is now surrounded on all sides by a retention pond, back hoes, you name it.

This was our front yard, he said. Now we have a tractor bucket.

It's been this way for three weeks.

I come home on a Friday afternoon and this is what I get. No notice, no nothing, Neisinger said.

Neisinger says the noise and disruption starting at 7 a.m. every day is bad enough, but what really has him worried is how dangerous the property has become for his two little girls. The kids have to stay inside now. A rare sunny spring day found the girls, 3 and 7 years old, coloring at the kitchen table instead of playing in the yard.

At one point, the house was completely cut off by a trench, leaving Drew's 7-year-old daughter stranded after getting off the school bus.

I feel like there is a lack of respect for me and my family, and that some people's pocketbooks are more important than actual humans, said Neisinger.

The developer says the family has known this was coming for a long time and they can leave at any time. He even gave them a break on the rent. He also says he has reached out to the Neisingers, but they don t return his calls.

The Neisingers claim construction started three months early and if they had known this was how they'd be living, they would've left long ago.

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