Many people are looking for that fountain of youth, we want to feel and look better, stronger and younger, especially as we begin to age. Dr. Jerry Mixon, founder of Longetivity Medical Clinic can help people achieve their health goal, starting with getting their hormones, blood pressure, blood sugar and other crucial health numbers to better levels. Dr. Mixon and long time patient Dr. Henke Kunnen are here to tell us their story.

Longevity's website:
Phone number: 866-86-YOUNG

Upcoming FREE Longevity seminars:

Saturday, April 27 - 11:07am - Bellevue Residence Inn

Saturday, April 27 - 5:07pm - Tacoma Convention Center

Tuesday, April 30 - 7:07pm - Tacoma Convention Center

Wednesday, May 1 - 7:07pm - Lynnwood Convention Center

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