SEATTLE - A Seattle mom who makes superhero capes for deserving kids has decided to send her handy work to the young victims who survived the blasts at the Boston Marathon on Monday.

Robyn Rosenberger said she has been thinking about the bombings that killed three people, including 8-year-old Martin Richard.

We lost something really great and what I really thought about during that time is his sister, you know, she is still here, said Rosenberger who decided to do something for the little girl and all of the children who were hurt.

Rosenberger never planned on becoming a seamstress to superheroes. First she made a cape for her son, Rory. Then sewed one for her dog, Puddles.

I was reading this blog about this girl named Brenna, and I thought, oh my gosh Brenna needs a cape, she said.

Baby Brenna has a rare skin disease. In January, Rosenberger reached out to Brenna's family in Illinois.

To me, it is like of course I am going to send you a cape because you are a tiny superhero, said Rosenberger.

Word began to spread among families who know what it means to fight because they are caring for sick children, some with terminal diseases.

Everyday they are going to the doctor, she said. We need to tell them something positive.

She is doing that by sending them something powerful. She started a Tiny Superheroes website at the beginning of the year where she accepts donations to help pay for the supplies and shipping. Also on the website, people nominate kids that they think are deserving of a cape.

We hope that the cape makes them feel like the tiny superhero that we know they are, said Rosenberger.

300 superhero capes have been sent out to children, according to Rosenberger. She has received photos and thank you notes from smiling kids around the world. She hopes the special delivery of capes to Boston reminds the young superheroes there to smile too
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