Pacific Mayor Cy Sun says he has offered the job of interim public safety director to Annette Spicuzza, the former U.C. Davis police chief who retired after a controversial pepper spray incident involving Occupy protestors.

Spicuzza confirmed Wednesday she has accepted the offer, but that it's contingent on passing tests required by state law for law enforcement.

She has worked for University of Washington, Federal Way and Kennewick police departments. But she made headlines during her last job as U.C. Davis police chief. She stepped down after a notorious pepper spray incident involving her officers and Occupy protesters in November of 2011.

Sun says he is aware of Spicuzza's history and hired her for her experience and expertise.

Sun recently placed the city's public safety director and a police lieutenant on paid leave while they are investigated for allegations of harrassment and intimidation.

City council member Gary Hulsey says they have received no formal notification of the hire. Hulsey added that the mayor has no right to hire Spicuzza without council permission.

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