SEATTLE -- Three homes were burned Monday night after a two-alarm fire broke out in the 700 block of Warren Avenue North in lower Queen Anne, just a few blocks away from McCaw Hall at the Seattle Center.

The fire started around 8:15 p.m. People called 911 to report flames coming from a two-story house. The flames quickly spread to the house to the north, then to the house to the south.

Firefighters needed to double their resources to fight the fire, and several homes in the area were evacuated.

Within 45 minutes, firefighters had the flames knocked down. No one was hurt, but the homes sustained heavy damage. At least a half-dozen people have been displaced from their homes.

Meanwhile, lots of nervous neighbors are waiting to see how bad the damage is.

I have a kitchen window that faces that...I heard all this crackling and I went to look out the window and the garage of that middle house there was already in full flames, said one neighbor.

One person trying to fight the fire cut their hand, but they are expected to be okay.

Once firefighters make sure all hot spots are out, the investigation begins on how the fire started.

Several streets around Warren, Roy and Valley are closed and will be for some time during the fire department's investigation.

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