HOQUIAM, Wash. -- There is a lot investigators do not know about the man who was shot dead by police after a 20-hour standoff in Hoquiam.

Police say Rick Marlow pointed a gun at them as he was leaving his burning home early Thursday morning. That was several hours after he allegedly shot at police, slightly wounding one of them, who were serving a warrant at his home Wednesday.

On Thursday, Grays Harbor County Sheriff's deputies said Marlow and his wife were named in outstanding real estate fraud warrants from 2004 in California. They went to the home Tuesday to arrest them both, but say Rick Marlow showed them a valid Washington State Drivers License with his picture and the name Ray Mahailovich.

On Wednesday, after realizing, it was the same man, officers went back to arrest Marlow. They say that's when he shot at them and ignited a standoff that ended with his death and his home burning to the ground.

Sheriff's deputies admit there must be more to the story. They don't know why a man on a minor felony warrant would seek a different identity and shoot at them.

Hoquiam police will not discuss why they chose now to serve a 10-year old warrant.

None of those questions were answered in court Thursday when Nina Narlow was ordered held on $15,000 bail on a fugitive warrant issued in California.

She told the judge she made a horrible mistake and trusted her husband when he told her to sign the real estate documents. She'll be back in court April 23.

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