NEW YORK -- Forbes estimated the Mariners to have the 12th highest value at $644 million. In 2012, they were valued to be worth $586 million.

So the M's increased their value by ten percent, second worst only to the Angels. They grew only nine percent. Oakland had the highest change, increasing their worth by 46%. The A's were worth $321 million in 2012. Now, they check in at $468 million.

The New York Yankees have the highest value in Major League Baseball for the 16th straight year at $2.3 billion, and the average for an MLB team increased by 23 percent in the last year to $744 million.

The magazine said Wednesday the Yankees' value increased from $1.85 billion last year.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are second in MLB at $1.62 billion -- nearly $400 million below the price paid for the team last May when a group headed by Mark Walter, Stan Kasten and Magic Johnson bought the franchise from Frank McCourt.

Forbes valued Boston third at $1.3 billion, followed by the Chicago Cubs ($1 billion), Philadelphia ($893 million), the New York Mets ($811 million), San Francisco ($786 million), Texas ($764 million), the Los Angeles Angels ($718 million) and St. Louis ($716 million).

The bottom five are Tampa Bay ($451 million), Kansas City ($457 million), Oakland ($468 million), Pittsburgh ($479 million) and Miami ($520 million).

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