Why join a gym when you can get a great workout in the comfort of your own living room? Whether you re looking for a budget friendly way to workout or you re interested in making a bigger investment in a home gym, we have something for everyone with three home gyms at three price points.

SLIDE SHOW: 3 Home Gyms at 3 Price Points

When building your home gym, pick tools that allow you to do strength training, cardio and flexibility work. With that in mind, Gym #1 incorporates three pieces of equipment ideal for getting you started on a workout plan. If you want to include more variety, then add three more pieces of equipment to make Gym #2. To tackle more challenging workouts you can add four more pieces of equipment to that list to make Gym#3.

Gym #1 Total = $50

1. Resistance Bands with handles ($20)
2. Pedometer ($10)
3. Exercise Mat ($20)

A set of resistance bands, a pedometer and an exercise mat are all you need to get your at home fitness routine started.

Resistance bands: These bands allow you to do numerous gym worthy exercises that target your entire body. Plus, you can easily fold the bands up and pack them in a drawer or cabinet for easy storage at home. Buy a heavy resistance band to work the big muscles in the legs, chest and back and a lighter resistance band to work the muscles in the shoulders and arms.

Pedometer: A pedometer might be the best $10 you spend for your health. Walking is an easy, inexpensive way to exercise, and studies shows hitting 10,000 per day will get you the recommended 30 minutes of daily physical activity.

Exercise Mat: Ideal for abdominal work, flexibility training or a yoga session, an exercise mat is a must-have for a home gym. No one wants to sweat on the carpet and it s important to have proper cushion for the knees and spine if you work out on wood floors.

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