If you're partying this St. Patrick's Day weekend, consider some safe ways to get home in one piece.

Seattle's Nightlife Program Coordinator, Rachel Sawyer, recommends Sidecar.

Its a very new startup called Sidecar Seattle, said Sawyer.

With Sidecar, you share the cost with other riders who are going or coming from the same neighborhood.

It's a community driven carpool service. A ride-share. But, an on-demand ride-share.

Or, try Taximagic. It's an electronic taxi booking service with an instant link to the closest yellow, orange or gray taxi.

Now that marijuana is legal, there's another reason to get home safely. This weekend, there will be Seattle Police emphsis patrols on the roads.

During these holiday weekends we double the size of that squad with patrol volunteers who have had additional training in DUI, said Seattle Police Captain Mike Nolan.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn recommends pre-paid parking.

Buy a parking sticker at 10 p.m. and keep your car in the spot until 10:00 the next morning.

So, you can come back the next day and get it when you're in better condition, said McGinnA00.

The city's Music and Film Office director likes the private car service, Uber.

Uber costs 5 to 10 percent more than a cab. But, director, James Keblas explalins, It's all paid for in the app so no money is exchanged. It's all taken care of. No tip or anything.

In a Tuesday afternoon test with Keblas, the Uber car arrived within 30 seconds.

There's always the standard taxi, bus or designated driver.

And, there's always real value in a safe ride home.

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