It's a well-known fact that many families are struggling in a slowly recoverying economy. Even those with homes and jobs are finding it difficult to make ends meet, or feed their families. But things are much worse for those who are homeless or umployed. For more than a century, Volunteers of America have been helping famlies survive. Volunteers of America's Chief Advancement Officer, William Raihl, shares some unique, upcoming events, and how we can help our neighbors.

Upcoming Events:

Camp-In is Volunteer of America Western Washington's March 1st event to allow High School Students to experience homeless & hunger while fundraising & learning about our displaced neighbors. These students are going out into the community and asking to be sponsored, but you can also help online. Just go to the Camp-In website for more info.

March Against Hunger
March Against Hunger is a countywide food drive for Snohomish County Employees which begins March 1st and goes until March 31st. Please take your donations to the VOA Everett Food Bank and help end hunger in Snohomish County! - See more at:

For more information about Volunteers of America, including how you can help, please visit their website by clicking HERE.

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