It s an odd invitation.

A Seattle woman wants you inside a colon this Friday and Saturday, March 1 and 2, at the Everett Mall.

Actually, it s a huge 30- foot long, 10-foot high replica of a colon, and Anita Mitchell will take you on a tour.

My goal is to educate everybody, so they don t have to go through what I have, said Mitchell.

Mitchell is a stage four colon cancer survivor.

The goal of her interactive display is to educate visitors and take away the mystery of colonoscopies.

Step inside and you can see what normal tissue looks like and what a polyp looks like.

Mitchell knows if a polyp is left undetected, it can become cancerous.

It can grow and it grows big and it can to through the wall, and in my case it went through the wall into my liver and you didn t even know, said Mitchell. You don t even feel it and that s why getting a colonoscopy is so important.

Mitchell is thankful she survived her cancer.

I am very fortunate , she said. I had two surgeries and two years of chemo therapy and I m in a very good place, but most people in my situation don t make it this long, so I just wanted to do something. I couldn t be quiet about it.

Since March is colon cancer awareness month, Mitchell says it s a good time to tour her giant colon. She hopes it will motivate you to get a colonoscopy.

If I had to say one thing, I would just say get screened, said Mitchell. Just do it. It can save your life.

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