In these last few weeks of winter, wouldn't it be great to look your best, even if you're all layered up? Our New Day stylist, Darcy Camden, is here to give us some tips on how to do that.

TIP #1:Layer your tights. Create a playful, interesting and WARM look by layering two pairs of tights. I love a black lace layered over a bright color.

TIP #2: Awesome-ize a turtleneck with a statement necklace. On its own, a turtleneck sweater is functional and warm, but not-so stylish. So think of it like a blank canvas that needs decoration. Add a bold statement necklace to draw attention toward your face and add a major wow factor.

TIP #3: Add a pop of color to a black and white outfit. Black and white graphic patterned outfits are on trend, we saw this look all over the runways. I love this, because we all have black and white in our closets that we can pull out and layer and wear right now. But if you really want to turn heads and draw some compliments, add a bold color in your belt or shoe.

TIP #4: Use your white button-down as a base for other fun layers. Many of us have a white button down lurking in the back of our closets--something we think we should own, but never feels stylish or fun. Jazz it up by layering a colorful shell over your button down. Roll the sleeves, pop the color and add some fun jewelry.

TIP #5:Belt your coat. Take a page from the First Lady's style book and jazz up your winter coat with a fancy belt.

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