I'm excited about this Christine Dampier giggled as she walked down the hallway at Tacoma General Hospital.

Dampier is full of life and people are drawn to this woman's high-energy personality.

Every time she walks into a room she brightens it, said Laura Hamilton, Medical Oncology Support Specialist.

She's the life of the party, she makes everybody laugh, said Ellis Dampier, Christine's husband.

But you would never guess just how tough her life has been.

I was a single mother for 13 years, homeless three times and was in an abusive relationship, said Dampier.

She is full of the life she has lived, and fighting for the life she so badly wants.

The mother of three is battling breast cancer for the second time.

It scared the crap out of me, of course, said Dampier.

This time it has spread to her shoulder, sternum, back and brain.

She's been here a long time, it's been quite a fight, said Hamilton.

But that does not keep Dampier from wearing a huge smile all the time. Her mission to help others, helps Dampier keep living.

When you take yourself out of the equation and learn to do something for someone else, I think that brings more joy than anything, said Dampier.

She finds that joy by comforting others going through the same thing. Providing hope in a place where hope is often scarce, visiting with patients going through chemotherapy to let them know they are not alone.

I had started to question God and ask him why? Why me? And the response came back to me so clearly and was like, why not you? I want to be able to use you, said Dampier.

It makes me feel very well, makes me really feel more blessed, said Lawrence Canley, currently battling cancer.

This is not all about me. It's about the struggle we're going through together, said Dampier.

She spends her days breathing life into others, while she is fighting for her own.

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