SEATTLE -- Joe and Marion Epler decided to take the plunge at 87-years-old. That was 15 years ago.
We thought we were young. Here we were, ancients, Joe said.

Joe and Marion have known each other almost their entire lives. After losing their longtime spouses, they decided to tie the knot. Ironically, the four had been best friends. Their children had even played together.

Joe said that was precisely the reason he and Marion decided to get married.

Our families were so mixed. We knew everything about each other, he said.This is a marriage not embedded with romance, but decades of friendship. Joe said they took a vow to take care of each other.

Certainly, first love is different than one that comes later, but they can both be cherished, said Joe.
Their years of wisdom will increase by two this month when they both turn 102. Joe's birthday is Feb. Monday and Marion's is Feb. 27. To celebrate, the Ida Culver House, where they live, will hold a birthday bash on Feb. 24.

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