Several bills that benefit animal welfare have recently been introduced in the Washington State Legislature.

The Washington Alliance for Humane Legislation, which has taken an active role in supporting several bills, says three bills below are scheduled for hearings on January 31 at 1:30 pm before the House Judiciary Committee: HB 1202, HB 1201 and HB 1186. The hearings will be held in House Hearing Room A, John L. O'Brien Building on the Capitol Campus.

The Spay/Neuter Assistance Bill

SB 5202/HB 1229 would provide financial assistance to support the costs of spay/neuter surgery. The Washington Alliance for Humane Legislation says expected impacts include significant cost reductions for animal care and control of homeless animals and a significant reduction in the numbers of dogs and cats euthanized in Washington shelters.

More info from Washington Alliance for Humane Legislation

Financial benefits of passing spay/neuter bill

Animal cruelty bills

SB 5204 / HB 1202. This bill provides animal control authorities the ability to issue infractions for failure to provide care; authorizes them to enter vehicles to rescue animals whose lives are threatened by extreme temperatures and prohibits all forms of organized animal fighting.

SB 5203 / HB 1201 would limit the sale of animals in specified public places. This bill is designed to protect purchasers of animals who may unknowingly buy an animal that is unhealthy, or from a backyard breeder who doesn't provide safe and humane conditions for the animals bred and sold.

Bill providing immunity to veterinarians who report suspected cruelty

SB 5102 / HB 1186 would provide veterinarians with immunity from liability when reporting suspected animal cruelty. Washington Alliance for Humane Legislation says concern about liability deters some veterinarians from reporting incidents they encounter in their practice, and enactment of the bill should encourage veterinarians to report suspected cruelty to proper authorities.

Source: Washington Alliance for Humane Legislation

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