The Bainbridge Island City Council will consider passing a resolution this week supporting efforts in Washington D.C. to implement stricter regulations on gun ownership. Chief among the items in the resolution is the reinstatement of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban.

Resolutions have no enforcement power, but they are designed to send a message to other lawmakers of support. Councilmember Kirsten Hytopoulos is proposing the measure. She, and others on the council, did not return calls from KING 5 Saturday.

The resolution also supports efforts by Democratic lawmakers to ban ammunition clips larger than ten rounds and increase background checks and other forms of regulations on the buying and selling of guns.

Alan Kasper, President of the Bainbridge Island Sportsmen s Club, wondered why the council is considering this issue.

Why are we spending monies and effort to pass a feel good, knee-jerk reaction and have it not accomplish anything, he said.

The club provides its members with a shooting range. Kasper himself does not own military-style weapons, but said what the council is taking up, and what the government is proposing, is wrong.

It s not just about doing something. It s about doing the right thing, he said.

The resolution will be discussed Wednesday.

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