MERCER ISLAND -- Every time she answers the phone (and she's answering it a lot today), Nancy Gordon knows who's on the other end -- a head lice victim.

She says it's nothing to be ashamed of ... lice can infest anyone. But she says you don't have to poison yourself to get rid of them.

Gordon is the CEO of Lice Knowing You, a salon dedicated to the safe and effective removal of head lice. They use non-toxic, organic creams and lotions, but mostly they use combs.

Professional head lice combs are designed to catch and remove any lice of any size off you hair strands. She says many people fail in their first effort to remove lice because they use cheap combs.

But she's more worried about desperate parents who use some lice products than contain powerful pesticides on their children's heads. She warns some pesticides like the popular Lindane are toxic, especially to children. The FDA requires Lindane makers to clearly post warnings about its neurological risks to children. But the government still says the product can be a safe last resort if used in proper amounts.

Gordon says you don't have to use her service to fight lice: With the right comb and some patience, you can get the job done without having to worry about toxins on your child's head.

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