SEATTLE - A new car-sharing program rolls out in Seattle this week. The Car2Go program rents smart cars for 38 cents per minute. That's about $14 an hour.

For $35, you get a membership card. There is a card reader on the windshield of each car. When you scan your card, it unlocks the car. The key is inside.

Members can find cars on the street with a smartphone app, online or call Car2Go.

The company covers gas, maintenance and insurance. Members can park at city meters for free.

The company is paying the City of Seattle more than $1,300 per car for administrative costs and parking fees.

What makes this service different from other car sharing programs is that members can leave the smart car at their final destination within a Seattle-area grid. Members don't have to return the car to mandatory location or time. They're also charged by the minute, not by the mile.

The Seattle City Council approved the one-year pilot program last month. City leaders hope it gives people who don't own a car or are thinking of getting rid of their car another option, as well as taking more cars off the road.

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