SEATTLE -- In the race to be the first baby born in the new year, Oliver Soltysik beat the clock and Dominique De La Cruz did not.

No matter, both families were overjoyed with the additions to their family. Also in both cases, the fathers watched fireworks off the Space Needle while the babies were being born.

Soltysik was delivered just minutes into 2013 at Group Health Birthing Center in Capitol Hill. He weighed in at eight pounds, 21 inches and thirteen days late.

De La Cruz s story is tinged with sadness, however.

One day before going into labor at Swedish First Hill, Dominique s mother Kristal learned her best friend, also named Dominique, had suddenly passed away after suffering with sickle cell anemia.

She was really excited about the baby, De La Cruz tearfully explained from her hospital room.

While in labor, and less than an hour before delivering her first daughter, De La Cruz told the child s father instead of being named Kyra, it would be named Dominique in honor of her late friend.

She would be really happy, said De La Cruz, She would be running around the hospital saying, She named the baby after me!
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