An up-and-coming Seattle artist was in federal custody Friday, charged with receiving and distributing child pornography via the Internet.

A sworn statement filled by a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent says Abrahm Moil trolled the internet under the screen name Boymanlovely and downloaded and shared photos and video of children, and even one infant, being sexually assaulted.

Moil works as a translator at a Seattle law firm.

Moil displays artwork on the Internet and at a Seattle gallery. He has several photos and drawings posted on a website called His pictures are mostly of young people and have an aura of fantasy about them.

On Friday, a federal court magistrate ruled that Moil can be released from jail pending trial. The judge said he must wear a GPS tracking device and will have limited use of his court computer.

Moil has not yet entered a plea to the charge.

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