Three Grays Harbor County teenagers are accused of stealing mail and breaking into homes looking for Christmas money and presents.

Sheriff s deputies responded to a report of stolen mail Sunday in the Central Park area. While they were investigating, they received another call regarding a burglary in the area. Among the items stolen in that incident were Christmas presents, Christmas stockings and electronic equipment.

The burglars left a trail of Christmas wrapping and opened mail for the deputies to follow, said Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate

Three teenagers, ages 13, 14 and 16, allegedly admitted to the burglary and admitted stealing mail from several mailboxes to find money in Christmas cards.

Shumate said the 16-year old is a former foster child at the house that was burglarized. The 16-year old was booked into the Juvenile Center. The other two teens were released to their guardians pending further investigation.

Deputies are continuing to look into the boys involvement with other crimes that have been occurring in Central Park recently.

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